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Microsoft have had a ZERO DAY Browser Bug intrusion!! Tut tut tut. Come on Microsoft!!!

Go here for the full story : BBC NEWS


Microsoft have released an XP Gadget so you can see when the End of Support Updates is at your leisure.
Please go *HERE* for the link or to our LIVE countdown page *HERE*

A SERIOUS NOTE to potential new customers out there. If you already have an I.T. Support company in place, or are paying an in-house I.T. Manager you need to ask one question :


Is the Anti-Virus installed on all of your PCs and Servers an ESET Product?


If the answer to this is no, it needs addressing ASAP. No matter which other Software Manufacturer you are using, NONE of them can say that they have caught EVERY in-the-wild Virus since 2006 Except ESET.


Your system, Data, emails and banking information could all be at risk if you are using an inferior Anti-Virus. Switch your system to Eset today to get the best protection available, you may find it is actually cheaper than your current licensing too.


If you are wondering how long you can use XP or your old copy of Word 2000 safely, please take a look at the link below. You may find that you are already OUT OF DATE!  

*Microsoft Software Updates DEADLINES Information Page*

If you are struggling to get the broadband speeds, here is a tutorial on checks you can make to test that your sockets are connected how they should be:

*ADSL Information Page*


Well it seems February is a busy month for the hackers! What are Norton going to do now? I assume their share prices are about to plummet. If you are using ANY Symantec or Norton products, I would urge you to reconsider after reading THIS article about their source codes being leaked....


In brief, Hackers have released the source code for their "PC Anywhere" software online 'for free' which will allow other hackers to develop viruses, trojans and malware to exploit vulnerabilities if you have it installed for 'secure' remote access. Regarding their Anti-Virus products, apparently the hackers said they will release the source code for that soon too! In effect this will make their AV software absolutely defenceless against any new attacks. It's quite ironic that Symantec have lost their own source code when they actually design and sell security software! If you want an alternative, try Eset products HERE...Still the ONLY Anti-Virus software that has caught EVERY virus in the wild since 2006!

The Guy Fawkes mask, a symbol from the 'Anonymous' Hacking group.


BBC have announced that Hackers have now also managed to gain access to the banking websites so that they can infiltrate the "toy calculator" debit card recognition/security system. It seems that hacking and internet security is in the news most days now and is the new choice of many criminals as a source to make easy money.



Is your system Hack-Proof, are you SAFE?? Go HERE for the full BBC News Story.

Happy New Year to you all! 2012 will be a busy year for Sense Telecom. We can now offer Credit for customers that are in serious need of upgrading their I.T. and Telephone Systems but are struggling to allocate funds to do so.
We are also operating a PC Leasing Scheme (with options to buy at completion) so you can spread your payments over an agreed period to help cash flow.


We would like to advise everyone that we are on a 15 month countdown to decommission all XP Desktops and PC's. Windows has stuck to its original deadline and will be stopping ALL SECURITY UPDATES and WINDOWS UPDATES completely for XP in APRIL 2013. MS have also announced that they will also withdraw online or telephone support If you want to keep your Data and I.T. Infrastructure secure you need to plan ahead NOW.

Go HERE for the Microsoft site for more information.


If you are a business owner or are in charge of your company's I.T. do you fall into the category of the growing, alarming number of offices that are not covered for Disaster Recovery? BBC News reports that almost 3/4 of firms and public sector organisations may NOT recover their computer systems fully or data after I.T. failure as it seems they do not have the correct backup cover or data protection in place.


54% also admitted that they had lost data or suffered downtime on their systems within the last year.


Here at Sense telecom, we cannot understand why this would be the case when 10 Gigabytes worth of Off-site storage costs less than 25p/day! Fully automated, backed up securely and you can restore from up to 20 different versions (keeps 10 copies of changes on each file). Why would any sensible company not cover themselves for this eventuality?


Think of it as you would Business Insurance (which incidentally you will be paying considerably more). It ticks along in the background doing its job, but when you really need it, it could be the difference between your company staying afloat or going under...


Call us now and speak to us about planning cover for your company against permanent data loss.


In our eyes backups are a requirement, not an option and it also makes perfect Sense.


Please go HERE for the full BBC article.


Eset have launched V 5 Anti Virus software range!


For full data sheets please click on the links below, VERY IMPRESSIVE SPEC!!


**NOD32 Antivirus**


**Eset Smart Security**


Well, apparently Microsoft are considering cutting short the Windows XP Security Updates. As Windows 7 sales soar, MS have decided that if the total number of XP PCs (Worldwide) hits less than 55% by next April they will scrap the Extended plan and revert back to the 5 year + 5 year system. If you are not sure what this means, MS promised for all Operating System software you would get 5 years Security Updates and improvements (Service Packs and hotfixes) & a further 5 years for Security Updates only. XP was release in 2002, but as the worldwide figure for XP PCs was 72% 2 years ago, they said they would extend XP Updates to Aug 2014. Now it seems they are re-considering this, so do you have a plan in place to secure your obselete XP PCs next year if this happens?


Click HERE for the pre-promised dates chart showing Service Pack Editions.


No its not an April Fools prank, its true! Eset are giving away 6 months free on any of their Anti-Virus Software if you are a new customer and you buy a 1 year licence. 18 months cover for the price of 12, Bargain!!

Click HERE if you need more details.


Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) has now been released. Adopting the "if it aint broke dont fix it" approach, We have listed some of the benefits and fixes of the Service Pack. If you are not affected by any of these we suggest not bothering to installing SP1 at all.

If you are having problems with the following SP1 may help :-

Windows 7 (Desktops & Clients)

- HD Audio devices failing until a restart
- Printing XPS documents without errors
- "Restore previous folders" specific errors when logging in

Server 2008 (& SBS 2008)

- Virtual PC's running out of memory (Dynamic memory update)
- Microsoft Remote FX
- Direct Access
- Clusters
- MSA (Managed Service Accounts)

Click HERE for more information about SP1 on Microsoft's Web-page (leave this website).

Eset have announced a fantastic offer on their Anti-Virus, Firewall and Anti-Spyware products. They are now offering a 3 years for the price of 2 licence through l dealers like JK Solutions. If you were thinking about swapping over to Eset, even if you have time remaining on your current AV Solution - NOW is the time!

Please click the banner below for prices for your company.



WARNING !! : There are some new really nasty viruses/malware/trojan in town called RAMNIT.A and RAMNIT.H.

Technically they are WIN32 Worm Viruses and in some forms also a trojan (a virus hiding within another file) but they are usually picked up through spyware. Worm viruses replicate themselves and infect thousands of files over a period of time. This particular one can attach itself to System Restore, Hyperfile.sys (the hibernation temp file) and the pagefile.sys (the temp RAM file) files amongst others and therefore is almost impossible to remove without compromising the Operating system itself. There has also been reports that it will copy itself to the recycler on a USB flash drive! Usually many files are destroyed in the removal process.

The main worry if you get infected is detection. If you are using AVG (free edition) In my experience it detected NOTHING as far as the Ramnit was concerned. Although NOD32 could locate the worms it could not remove them all successfully, even in safe mode or through reading the drive externally through a separate stand alone system.

Once the virus has a deep hold of the system, it can use proxy servers to redirect your internet traffic to phishing sites, particularly for Banking. One customer had this compromised and subsequently had a large sum of money taken from their account.

The good news : If you are using NOD32, although it cannot remove the worm once "installed" it seems to successfully prevent the virus from getting there in the first place, whereas other systems with other AV Software did not.

You can also try using ComboFix to repair/remove but I have not had 100% success as yet... You can download it HERE.

There doesn't seem to be any information on the source of this virus, but we suspect it is infecting via peer to peer software/website and not through email. Our advice : make sure you have your browser updated to the latest version, anti-malware switched ON and Anti-Virus Updated and ON. Windows Defender does NOT seem to prevent this so try something like a fully registered version of Malware Bytes available HERE.

Eset's NOD32 is still leading the field it seems, if you want to see how it compares to other AV Software, please click HERE.

The world's first retail 3 tb hard drives are now available (to the public, I am sure the military have had them for years).

Yes that's 3,000 GIGABYTES! If you would like to order one please contact us. Prices start from ONLY £135!